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A high performance therm and electrical insulation

Micamafco Micatherm is a specially produced rigid mica plates consisting Muscovite and Phlogopite, Mica Paper impregnated with a high temperature silicone binder under high heat and pressure conforming to IEC 371 – 3 – 3 specs.

Special Features:

  • » 100 % Asbestos-free
  • » Available in both Muscovite and Phlogopite
  • » Withstand temperature upto 700° C
  • » High dielectric strength
  • » Excellent Thermal stability
  • » Low electric current loss
  • » Excellent mechanical strength
  • » Low moisture absorption
  • » High Compression resistance
  • » Low thermal conductivity
  • » Cost-Effective


Micamafco is the no.1 Brand to make Micatherm, which is available in any size , shape and thickness. Tolerance of Micatherm is +/- 10% on nominal thickness.

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