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Dry Ground Mica:

MICAMAFCO Dry Ground Mica Powder using the best raw material from our own mines. Manufactured in hammer mills, our Dry Ground Mica Powder is screened to the required mesh size. High quality raw material is used for manufacturing it. The standard grades we offer are 60 mesh and 100 mesh. Our mica finds application in paints, plastics, welding electrodes, wall board joint compounds, etc.

Applications of Dry Ground Mica:


In the paint industry ground mica is used as a pigment extender that also facilitates suspension, reduces chalking, prevents shrinking and shearing of the paint film, increases resistance of the paint film to water penetration and weathering, and brightens the tone of colored pigments. Mica also promotes paint adhesion in aqueous and oleoresinous formulations. Consumption of dry-ground mica in paint is its second largest use.

Welding electrodes

Muscovite dry ground Mica is extensively used in mild steel rutile based welding electrodes. In welding electrodes a core of steel wire is coated uniformly with a “flux” comprising mica as a lagging compound. The mica coating provides two distinctive types of protection to the welding rods. Firstly, it serves in forming a fusible slag and a good seal at the fusion zone on the arc. Secondly, it resists the action of the heat, gaseous and other surrounding atmospheric oxidization. Nothing can substitute Mica for the above application. In fact, it is the nature of mica coating that largely determines the quality of welding electrodes.

Gypsum Plasterboards

Ground Mica for joint cement and gypsum plastic wall-boards – Micamafco offers Muscovite dry ground Mica + 100 Mesh (+150 microns) Mica Powder for Gypsum plaster board , wall board and cement compounds. The Mica acts as a filler and extender, provides a smooth consistency, improves the workability of the compound, and provides resistance to cracking.

Automotive Acoustics

Muscovite Powder is widely used as a filler in non – asbestos acoustic products for treatment of automobile under- bodies and noise protection systems because of functional morphological and surface characteristics. The addition of Mica Acoustics compounds improves its materials properties significantly, such as, improve heat and UV resistance, increase tensile and flexural strengths, reduce isotropic shrinkage and permeability, enhance the dielectric and insulating properties, etc. In fact Micamafco Mica is a unique mineral which offers the multiple advantage of noise and vibration absorption, reduces flammability, adds low temperature impact resistance, high thermal stability and multi-directional lateral re-enforcement to composite plastic systems. No other product provide such functional enhancement to acoustic bitumen compounds and plastic polymer compound such as superior quality and excellent dimensions stability than Micamafco Mica.

Oil Well drillings (on-shore and off shore)

Ground mica is used in the well-drilling industry as an additive to drilling muds. The coarsely ground mica flakes help prevent the loss of circulation by sealing porous sections of the drill hole.

Rubber Industry

Rubber Industry uses ground mica as an inert filler and a mold release compound in the manufacture of molded rubber products, such as tires and roofing. The platy texture acts as an ant blocking, ant sticking agent.

Plastics industry

The plastics industry uses dry-ground mica as an extender and filler, especially in parts for automobiles for lightweight insulation to suppress sound and vibration. Mica is used in plastic automobile fascia and fenders as a reinforcing material, thus providing improved mechanical properties and increased strength, stiffness, and dimensional stability. Mica-reinforced plastics also have high-heat dimensional stability, reduced war page, and the best surface properties of any filled plastic composite.

Automotive Industry Paints

Wet-ground mica, which retains the brilliancy of its cleavage faces, is used primarily in automotive industry paints. In the cosmetics industry, mica's reflective and refractive properties make it an important ingredient in blushes, eye shadow, body and hair glitter, nail polish, and foundation.

Rolled roofing and asphalt shingles

Dry-ground mica is used in the production of rolled roofing and asphalt shingles where it serves as a surface coating to prevent sticking of adjacent surfaces. The coating is not absorbed by freshly manufactured roofing because mica's platy structure is unaffected by the acid in asphalt or by weathering conditions. As a rubber additive, mica reduces gas permeation and improves resiliency.

Decorative Coatings

Mica is also used in decorative coatings on wallpaper, concrete, stucco, and tile surfaces. It is also used as an ingredient as a flux coating on welding rods, in some special grease, and as coatings for core and mold release compounds, facing agents, and mold washes in foundry applications.

Micronized Mica:

Micronized Muscovite Mica is extensively used as a pigment extender in various paints and coatings. It is a tough, flexible and transparent mineral that can be ground to less than a micron sieve mesh.

It is an anti-friction, anti-fouling, anti-settling, anti-corrosive, anti-tar mish and anti-siege agent. The overlapping layers of mica platelets form a tough shield that improves paint integrity and durability.

Mica acts as a reinforcing pigment to reduce cracking, peeling and checking in the dry film and prevents shrinkage and sheering of the paint. When a paint starts to fall, mica holds it together sufficiently to keep it away from cissing, curtaining and prevents microscopic ruptures in the paint films.

Mica particles brighten the tone of the colored pigments, at the same time, transmit and reflect light resulting in proven decorative effects and design. It increases the gloss of paint more effectively than spherical or irregularly shaped filler particles of an equivalent size product. Mica also optimizes the effect of other pigments by ensuring that the pigment particles are evenly spaced in the dried paint film.

Mica is widely used in all types of paints and coatings.

Applications of Micronized Mica:

  • » Aluminum paints
  • » Automotive paints
  • » Anti-corrosive paints
  • » Cement paints
  • » Emulsion or synthetic water paints
  • » Fire-resistant paints
  • » Marine paints
  • » Road marking paints
  • » Textured paints
  • » Traffic paints, etc

Wet Ground Mica:

MICAMAFCO is the dependable Wet Ground Natural Mica Exporters. The Wet Ground Mica is made up of excellent quality muscovite and water, using various technical procedures. Due to features like surface smooth, pure, better chrome and higher Aspect Ratio, the Genuine Wet Ground Mica is used in the below mentioned application areas.

We manufacture, supply and export a wide range of Wet Ground Mica Powder. Our Wet Ground Mica Powder is widely used in industries like rubber, plastic, paints, cosmetics, etc. The most significant feature of our range is that it acts as an anti-blocking and anti-sticking agent. Our clients hugely appreciate our wet ground mica powder. This highly useful product is available at industry leading prices. Our product is known for its superior quality and durability.

Applications of Wet Ground Mica:

» Plastic Grade Wet Ground Mica Powder

High-aspect-ratio muscovite mica is widely used as a reinforcing filler and extender in composite plastic systems because of its functional, morphological and surface characteristics. The addition of mica in plastic polymer compounds improves its material properties significantly, such as, higher heat deflection temperature, increase tensile and flexural strengths, reduce isotropic shrinkage and permeability, enhance the dielectric, heat resisting and insulating properties, better surface properties.

» Rubber Grade Wet Ground Mica Powder:

We manufacture high quality Rubber Grade Wet Ground Mica Powder. The rubber industry uses wet ground mica as inert filler and a mold release compound to manufacture molded rubber products such as tires. The platy texture acts as an anti-blocking and anti-sticking agent.

» Paints & Coatings:

Wet Ground Mica, suitable for use in the manufacture of protective coatings. which is used in paint and coatings to provide durability and help coatings to resist cracking. It promotes wet adhesion, provides UV resistance and reduces moisture vapor transmission (MVT). Wet-ground mica, which retains the brilliancy of its cleavage faces, is used primarily in automotive industry paints.

» Cosmetics:

In the cosmetics industry, Wet Ground Mica's reflective and refractive properties make it an important ingredient in blushes, eye shadow, body and hair glitter, nail polish, an Due to its natural sheen and luster, it is the perfect choice for cosmetics and other beauty aids. It is very safe to use on sensitive skin. Mica is non-carcinogenic, non-toxic and totally inert and hence can be used for human application. The new generation of Non-Solvent based wet ground mica is now being used as a mould release agent. It used as the base in pearl sent pigments foundation.

Colored Mica:

Created from the finest quality mica flakes. High heat resistant pigments do the coloring, which also prevents any possible bleeding of color during application. It is widely used in Plastics, Paints, Fiberglass and Ceramics industries to create distinctive designs like granite and marble

Possible products

  • » Table Tops
  • » Kitchen Tops
  • » Bathroom accessories
  • » Garden Furniture
  • » Arts & Crafts
  • » Decorative paints, coatings
  • » Decorative plastic articles
  • » Flooring, Wall finishes etc
  • » Pearlescent Pigments

Amazing Possibilities

  • » Plastics, Cosmetics
  • » Paints, Coatings
  • » Concrete, Epoxy
  • » Fiber Glass, Ceramics & many more..

Calcined Mica:

Calcined mica flakes and calcined mica powder is produced by calcining Mica, at 850° C by K-Oil treatment method. It is used in pearlescent pigment industry. We produce both calcined mica flakes and calcined mica powder of any required mesh size.

Calcined Mica Flakes

This is calcined mica flakes (2-8 Mesh). The calcined mica flakes are made first out of mica lumps/scrap through a pulvigator and screener. Then it is heated at a temperature above 850 degree celsius for about half an hour with K-Oil treatment. The final product is what you see in the picture.

Calcined Mica Powder

This is calcined mica powder (2-8 Mesh). The calcined mica powder are made first out of mica lumps/scrap through a pulvigator and screener. Then it is heated at a temperature above 850° C for about half an hour with K-Oil treatment. Then the flakes is taken to the pulverizer & milled & screened to become powder of the required mesh size.

P.S - calcination of mica powder is very difficult due to its lightweight. So instead mica flake is calcined & then milled.

Click to download MSDS for Mica Flake

Mica Flakes:

MICA FLAKES have been preferably used in water-based and oil based oil-well drillings operations as an additive mud chemical to prevent loss of circulation and seepage. Mica is specially added to seal-off the lost circulation zones. The platy structure of mica facilitates the overlapping of particles to form a layer or wall and acts as a sealant that bridges the openings. The use of mica helps to seal porous formations and contributes to regain circulation keeping the solids in suspension.

The technique adopted is to mix quantities of mica flakes and granular bentonite into special batches of mud, which is pumped down the hole. The drill pipe is then withdrawn and the hole left undisturbed for a time being. Mica flakes tends to plate out on the walls at the lost zones and reduce the size of the holes through which the mud can pass. After a short interval, the plug is strong enough to permit circulation to resume without loss. Drilling then proceeds normally until a depth well below the lost circulation zone.

Three grades of Mica Flakes:


Coarse Mica Flakes

Medium Mica Flakes

Fine Mica Flakes


Suitably used for sealing openings. Generally used to combats mild circulation in porous formations. Suitable for use when a sealing agent is needed to be small enough to pass through a shaker screen without interfering with the operations.

Apparent density:

0.17kg/ltr 0.18 kg/ltr 0.20 kg/ltr

Particle Size:

Max 10% retained on 9.50mm B.S.Sieve Max 10 % retained on 3.35 mm B.S.Sieve Nil retained on 0.850 mm B.S.Sieve

Material retained:

Material retained on Sieve 4.75mm + material passed through 1.70 mm = 30-40% Max. Material retained on 1.70 mm + material passed through Sieve 0.425 mm = 30-40% Max. Material retained on Sieve 0.425 mm + material passed through sieve 0.15 mm = 30-40% Max.

Applications of Muscovite Mica Flakes:

» Pearlescent Pigments

Micamafco is the World’s No.1 Manufacturer for Muscovite Mica Flakes for Pearlescent Pigments. Pearlescent pigments are produced synthetically by coating minuscule mica platelets. They have low iron content and are tested at 900° C. They have high refractive index (greater than 2.5) and a very good chemical, mechanical and thermal stability. Micamafco Mica Flakes have high gloss platelet surface, Minimum Diffusion, Maximum light transmission and reflectance.

» Oil-well Drillings

Micamafco Mica Flakes is widely used in mud additive in water or oil based drilling operations as a preventive measure against loss of circulation and to overcome mild severe circulation losses. They are specially added in the mud chemical to seal off the lost circulation zones. Mica facilitates the overlapping of particles to form a layer or wall and acts as a sealant that bridges the opening. The use of Mica enhances quick sealing of porous formations. Mica is chemically inert and is unaffected by hydrocarbons, acid and brines and does not re-act with other drilling fluids compounds.

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