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Industrial Laminates Paper & Bakelite Sheets

We have an exhaustive range of Industrial Laminates Paper & fabric base Bakelite Sheets in electrical & mechanical variety. Our products that are made from premium quality raw materials are highly in demand for the dimensional accuracy, mechanical strength, heat resistance and low absorption of water. Also known as Phenolic Laminated Sheets, Bakelite Sheet is double-sided high-pressure laminate.

These laminated sheets are available as Paper Phenolic Laminates, Industrial Laminate Sheets, Epoxy Laminate Sheet and Electric Insulation Molded Rod (Cotton Cloth Based), in a wide range of thickness and grades. Experts to ensure the appropriateness of design, glossiness and surface finish test these Industrial Laminates Paper & Bakelite Sheets. Our products find application in liquor, agriculture, food and many other industries. We have the expertise to ensure that the products we deal are of the premium quality.

Paper Phenolic Laminates

Paper Phenolic Sheets As per:

Thickness : 0.5 mm to 50 mm

Paper Based Industrial (Bakelite) Boards are manufactured by using Kraft paper as reinforcement with specially formulated Phenolic resin as bonding media.


  • » Sheets

  • » Boards

  • » Plates

  • » Tubes(Round and squared)

Unclad industrial laminates are used for wide-ranging electronic, mechanical and electrical applications as tabulated below:



Features and Applications

P-1 Brown Very good mechanical and adequate electrical properties. Satisfies low tension and low humidity requirements. Applications: Battery Eliminators, Transformers and Choke Bobbins, Tube Light Ends and Chokes, Control Panels, condenser Mountings, Drill Back up and Entry.
P-2 Brown Combines good mechanical and electrical properties. Conventionally used in electrical applications under extreme conditions of humidity. Applications: Transformer Covers, CB Handles and Side Frames, Distribution Boards, Fuse Holder Bases etc.
P-3 & P-4 Brown Good mechanical and excellent electrical properties with low water absorption. Available with special synthetic resin surface for high tracking resistance. Applications: Power Electronic Transformers and Choke Bobbins, Relay Spacers, HV Transformers, Tap Changers, Grid Covers, Selector Bank Insulation.
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